Unique Phone Wallet Varieties – Stretchy Polyester and Clip Flap

Self adhere¬†phone pockets are excellent branded items for colleges and universities, as well as high schools. ¬†They hold users’ corporate or student ID cards or credit cards. ¬†Our Elastic Fabric Phone Pouches are durable and stretch to tightly hold up to five cards. ¬†These Silicone Smart Phone Wallets feature a snap closure and flap to securely hold users cards, drivers licenses, or cash. ¬†Color options for the flexible polyester phone pockets are red, white, blue, black, and navy; the clip shut phone wallets come in blue or black.

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Stretch Fit Phone Wallets Made of Sturdy Polyester Material

Phone Wallet Plus Stand Combo Accessories

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Stainless Steel Whiskey Ice Cubes and Bullets

These Stainless¬†Cooler Cubes are perfect for any liquor, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages users wish to keep cold but not dilute with watery ice cubes. ¬†The Whiskey Cubes are custom laser engraved with an elegant finish of your company’s logo or design. ¬†The Whiskey Bullets chill drinks in an old school way and come custom printed. ¬†Our specially made chiller tools are perfect promotions for liquor stores, bartending events, new years eve parties, weddings, and catering conventions.

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Stainless Steel “Ice” Cubes for any Drinks

Stainless Steel Drink Cooling Bullets – Whiskey Style

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Trauma Kit with Tourniquet and Emergency Tourniquet Paracord Bracelets

In extreme first aid situations, compression and blood flow stoppage is of utter importance.  We offer multiple styles of Branded Emergency Medical Kits with Tourniquet Bands and also a large selection of Paracord Bracelets that can be used to stop bleeding in survival scenarios.  Our tourniquet kits come in a variety of prices points, and our survival bracelets come in countless colors, just ask.  Military members and first responders are just two groups of people that rely on tourniquet kits to save lives.  These are great for sporting goods stores and camping outfitters, as well as hunting guides and survivalist trainers.

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Emergency Preparedness Packs (include tourniquets)

Military Style Para-cord Bracelets with Signal Whistle

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Made in the USA Double Walled Bowls for People or Pets

Our Made in Amerca Bowls are a fun marketing option that can be used by kids, adults, and even furry friends! ¬†Your fully custom wraparound design is sandwiched between the temperature insulating double walls to offer a crisp finished look and boldly show off your organization’s brand or sponsor logo. ¬†These insulated custom bowls are excellent for ice cream socials and booyah feeds, as well as fall festivals. ¬†They are great for cereal distributor promotions and work well for warm delicious soup in the winter. ¬†Animal shelters and doggy daycares can give them away to loving cat and dog owners to encourage future business too.

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American Made Insulated Bowls for Humans and Animals

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Plane Propeller (Spinning) Shaped Letter Openers

These Spinning Propellor Letter Openers are perfect for airshows and fly-ins, as well as aviation museums.  Companies that manufacture aerospace parts or sell airplanes can also give these to clients as thank you or holiday gifts.  Model plane expos and dogfight re-enactments can sell these at souvenir shops or gift them to volunteer judges or deserving organizers.  Our aviation themed envelope opening tools are both handy and fun as they can safely be set on a desktop and spun as a clever stress reliever at the office or in the control tower.

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Executive Plane Prop Mail Openers in Silver

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Traffic Cone Shaped Paper Clip Holder / Paper Weight

Our¬†Magnetic Safety Cone Desk Organizers¬†stand three and a half inches tall and feature a orange colored magnetized top and a black base. ¬†Print the¬†logo and phone number for your construction company, sign rental business, or state department of transportation right on these handy desk toppers. ¬†I’d end this post with a joke, but I’m afraid it’d be to coney.

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Construction Cone Themed Office Organizer

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Velcro Ski Straps for Alpine and Nordic Skiing

Whether carving deep powder or going down freshly groomed trails every skier needs to keep their gear organized, our Custom Cross Country Ski Straps and Imprintable Down Hill Ski Bands¬†do just that while protecting users’ bases and edges. ¬†Each strap has an extra large width to accommodate any sporting goods, ski resort, or outfitter logo. ¬†Some people even use them to keep their ski poles together. ¬†Help make ski storage and transportation a breeze for your customers and advertise your business with these snazzy straps.

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Sleeve Style Cross Country Ski Straps for Touring and Metal Edge Skis

Ski Straps for Downhill, All Mountain, Powder, and Racing Skis

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Stainless Steel Double Walled Bottles Similar to AVEX

We offer many Metal Vacuum Insulated Sports Bottles which are like Avex Water Bottles or Yeti Drinkware in appearance and function.  The tumbler bottles we offer have a ton of different styles and price points to fit your needs.  Whether reselling our beverage containers at adventure gift stores, handing them out to race finishers, or gifting them to your hardworking employees or best customers, they are the perfect option.  Scroll down to see options from premium to less expensive.

These Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles keep 25 ounces of liquid cool for 24 hours and hot for 8 while featuring a trendy powder coating finish.

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25 oz. Powder Coated Stainless Steel Bottles

Our 20 oz. Stainless Steel Sports Bottles also features double-wall insulation and handy leak proof lids.

Spill Resistant Vacuum Insulation Bottles – 20 Ounces

25 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Drinking Vessels are another great choice for companies who want to encourage an active life style or just hope to keep their employee’s coffee hot.

Stainless Steel Flip Top Drink Bottles – Optional Matte Finish

Lastly, our Affordable Vacuum Insulated Bottles are excellent for hikers, bikers, and walkers.  Hardworking commuters can also fill this handy drinkware with coffee or tea for a mid morning pick me up and up to 8 hours of heat retention!

Stainless Vacuum Bottles with Flip Lids

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UV Protection Eight Bit Pixel Video Game Sunglasses

These Retro 8 Bit Sun Glasses are sure to turn heads with their cool pixelated look and bring people back to their younger days with nostalgic memories of early video games.  Our high quality 100% UV protection glasses are great for computer promotions, video game fairs, gamer events, and comic conventions.  From Pac Man to Super Mario to Zelda, classic games were a thing of beauty, and people still enjoy mashing the buttons.  Our customizable shades are FDA Drop Ball Test Approved and are a cool way remember the glory days of Nintendo and Atari.

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Classic Old Video Game Sun Glasses

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Stick On Adhesive Hard Hat Clips and Slot Mounted

Our Hard Hat Clips fit standard pencils and carpenter pencils for easy use at the work site or construction zone.  Our Self Adhere Helmet Clips work for all standard hard hats as they simply can be applied to the outer surface if clean.  For hard hats with side slots, you can order a bunch of our Slot Mounted Construction Hat Clips.  Both types come in either yellow or white, and they are perfect for civil engineering firms, architecture companies, construction workers, and also departments of transportation.

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Hard Hat Clip for Slotted Construction Helmets

Builders Hard Hat Clips – Adhesive Mounted

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