Custom Printed Classic Ford Work Vehicle Models in 1:25 Scale

Note: We only offer bulk orders (blank or imprinted) on die cast vehicles.

Our Ford Service Vehicles from the early 20th century are fun marketing tools for fleet companies and corporations with a vast American history. Some options include 1932 Ford Delivery Sedans, 1937 Ford Panels Vehicles, and 1940 Ford Panel Trucks.  Specialty autos include 1932 Ford Tanker Trucks and 1937 Ford Tanker Trucks.  Many of these models feature opening hoods, doors, and trunks too.  Pricing varies depending on type and quantity, so call or email our friendly staff.

Contact Us for more information or to request a quote.

Antique Ford Die Cast Promotional Replicas

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Production Code: 664658866

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Imprintable Whoopee Cushion Noise Makers / Prank Whoopie Cushions

Our logoed Whoop-E Cushions are goofy items that are perfect for the kid in all of us! ¬†Whether your¬†organization is celebrating April Fools Day or raising awareness for Red Nose Day, these whoopee cushion¬†toys are an excellent promo tool. ¬†Another option are our Tiny 4″ Sized Whoopies. ¬†They also make great gag gift thank yous for fun loving employees and students.

Click on product picture for more details or to request a quote.

Custom Printed Woopie Cushions

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Imprinted Owl Shaped Stress Relievers – Multiple Choices!

What do you call an owl with a sore throat? A bird that doesn’t give a hoot!

Our Owl Themed Stress Relievers are sure to make your next promotional event a hoot too!  We have four different nocturnal raptor shaped stress ball styles.  These owls are perfect for raptor centers and traveling bird shows, as well as science museums or nature centers.  Forestry schools and nature preserves also can give these out to young visitors to encourage animal conservation for birds of prey like our great horned owl shaped stress relievers.  Some of our stress toys are similar in appearance to a long-eared owl or a little screech owl with their tufts and crests. Scroll down to see the cool choices.

Click on product photos for more details or to request a quote.

Realistic Squishy Great Horn Owls

Cute Round Owl Stress Balls

Squeezable Eagle Eye Owl

Chubby Yellow Belly Owl Stress Relievers

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House Shaped Bird Feeders / Seed Dispensers w/ Custom Imprint

Our Bird Seed Feeders are excellent gifts for hardworking employees or corporate holiday presents for your best customers.  These are great for nature centers, conservation agencies, and state park and forest services.  Encourage the students of your preschool, elementary school, or high school to care about nature or have them give them to their parents as gifts.  Scroll down to see two perfect options for your next event. They feature an affordable metal design that comes in three vibrant colors.

Click on item image for more information or to request a quote.

Bird Feeders in Cottage Shape

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16 Ounce Beer Can Shaped Drinking Pint Glass w/ Custom Printing

Our Beer Can Shaped Glassware is perfect for craft beer producers, microbreweries, bar and grilles, Oktoberfest events, fundraisers, and beer gardens.  These clear pint glasses can be screen printed with your custom design, company name, contact information, or logo.  We can also make them appear like soda or pop cans and other non-alcoholic beverage containers.

Click on image for more item details or to request a quote.

Drinking Glass Shaped Like Beer Can – 16 oz.

Beer Can Shape Pint Glass

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Imprinted Big Pink Erasers for Schools, Colleges, and Tutors

Our Classic Pink Rubber Erasers will quickly erase users pencil marks and also show off your organization’s simple crips logo too. ¬†We recommend these handy erasing tools for universities, high school ACT courses, and private tutoring centers. ¬†Iconic pink and white color options are available; Contact Us if you are looking for a different color choice. ¬†The latex free rubber erasers also do not pose an allergy risk if that is a concern.

Click on item picture for more info or to request a quote.

Standard Rubber Rectangular Erasers

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Floating Keychains in the Shape of Jumping or Swimming Dolphins

Boat tours and swim with dolphins experiences can encourage visitors to come back again with the Dolphin Shaped Floating Keytags.  Choose to order the jumping shape or the swimming shape dolphins.  Porpoise and dolphins are incredibly social aquatic mammals and are also some of the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom.  Guests of your oceanside resort or hotel with a beautiful beach may never forget the amazing times they had and perhaps come back next spring break if they are given a fun dolphin shape keychain floaty.

Click on pictures for more product information or to request a quote.

Dolphin Shape Key Floater – Aerial Leap

Swimming Porpoise / Bottle Nose Dolphin Key Tag Float

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Imprinted Breath Mint or Candy Tins in Car Shape

These Race Car Shaped Mint Containers are great for rental agencies, towing companies, and auto parts stores.  Candy and mint options include premium peppermints, red hots, jelly beans, chicle gum, sugar-free gum, colored candy, heart shapes, stars, sugar-free peppermints, classic mints, or chocolate littles.  Our little car themed tins are perfect stocking stuffers or employee gifts.  They are also epic race track souvenirs or giveaways for children of loyal customers.

Click on product photo for more information or to request a quote.

Car Shape Mint and Candy Boxes – Metal

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Loon Shaped Writing Pen w/ Custom Imprint for Businesses Up North

Our Loon Topped Pens celebrate the Minnesota State Bird and promote your business in a loony way.  These hand-painted bird pens are perfect for advertising your lake resort, fishing guide service, float plain business, lake side restaurant, or any fine establishment near the great north woods.  The pen shaft can simply be imprinted with your company website, phone number, and brand name to encourage guests to keep coming back. Contact Us if you have interest in fully custom loon key tags too!

Click on product photo for more info or to request a quote.

Black Pens with Loon Shaped Toppers

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Airplane and Aviation Flying Coloring Books Custom Printed w/ Your Logo

Our Human Flight Themed Coloring Pages are great for aviation museums and fly ins.  Airports can help parents entertain their kiddos with these fun to uses drawing toys.  These colorable learning books are excellent educational activities for young Cub Scouts, older preschoolers, daycare kids, kindergartners and elementary school students.  Planes and helicopters are extremely important in the world today, and many children love to learn about flying vehicles too!  Choose to include a pack of crayons to complete the package. Crayons and small pieces in the picture packs may not be suitable for small children.

Click on item photo for more info or to request a quote.

Aviation Themed Coloring Pages

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