Swivel Heart Shaped Purse Hanger


Our New Swivel Heart-Shaped Purse Hangers keep bags safe and off the floor. Print with your logo and your clients will appreciate and use this bag hanger tool every time they go out! Keeping your purse up off the floor helps prevent it getting dirty or tipped over.  And hanging your purse off the back of your chair has become a proven easy target for pick-pockets – who wants to turn around after a nice relaxing meal out only to discover your wallet or even your entire purse has been snatched?!

This is a useful but also beautiful tool that will keep your logo in front of your clients.

Great for bars and restaurants, but also any other company that caters mostly to women – cosmetics, haircare, clothing, accessories, women’s health clubs and more!

Purse Hanger

Purse Hanger

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