Airplane Safe Roller Ball Pen

Our unique Roller Ball Pen features Airplane Safe ink that will not explode or leak due to a change in pressure during flights! The pen’s exclusive uni-flow ink system (TM) provides consistent smoothness and color intensity. Roller ball pen features Super Ink (TM) that helps prevent against check and document fraud.

Interesting facts on this on this pen:

“The ultimate choice for frequent flyers. A pen that is not affected by changes in air pressure, thanks to ‘Airplane-Safe Technology’, or possibly even ‘Aeroplane-Safe Technology’ if you speak English. In-flight leaks are caused by expanding air inside the ink chamber, which can often force ink out of ordinary pens and onto your finest Jermyn Street. The Vision Elite features a reservoir into which the expanding air is absorbed, eliminating leaks.

So what’s in it for the rest of us? A smooth-handling rollerball with Uni-Ball’s trademark waterproof and fade-proof pigment inks in an unusually-wide range of colours.”

This is a great pen to have customized with your company name and logo, for a promotional giveaway! Ideal for airlines, hotels, and those in the travel industry!

Airplane Safe Ink Pen

Airplane Safe Ink Pen

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