Grocery Store Divider Bar, Keep you stuff separate from the other customers!

Ok, personally I have been amused by the people in the checkout lane who panic if my grocery cart even gets close to the checkout counter and I have
not put down one of these little divider bars before my cart comes to a complete stop.

I did hear a good story recently about these conveyor divider bars that are used on the conveyers to separate one customer’s cat food from being charged
to another person’s Visa rewards card.

It seems a lady was checking out and getting ready pay for her groceries. She was at a mass grocery store and was readying her credit card, while
hearing the familiar beep, beep, beep as each item was scanned.

The next thing you know, the cashier was calling a manager to her lane for a price check, assuring those in line that it would only take a minute. While waiting for the manager, she repeatedly tried to scan the grocery divider bar explaining that the darn thing did not have a UPC code so she could not enter
it into the cash register manually.

I have to imagine containing hysterical laughter was a challenge when the lady pointed out to the cashier what she was actually scanning.

Anyhow, grocery divider bars do serve a purpose and they also make a great point of sale advertising tool for local newspapers, restaurants, and other marketers.
They can be printed with a logo or custom message and are used in a location where a captive audience often stands in one place for more time than they
do elsewhere on a given day.

grocery bar divider

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