Take a penny Trays: Is this a welfare propoganda item??

What is a take-a-penny tray? I was in line to pay for gasoline the other day
and the lady in front of me was purchasing a can of soda.


There was a take a penny tray with some loose change and she was digging through the coins, trying to figure out how to use as much free money as she could to purchase her beverage.

I thought the idea was to pick up one or two cents or add extra coins if you have them, to make the cashier’s job easier and check out quicker. Instead this patron was trying to calculate how to spend the least amount out of her coin purse to pay for her purchase.

I am not sure that’s the original intent of the take-a-penny tray.

In advertising and marketing circles, these trays are considered a point of purchase display item or POP.

Typically, you will see the local newspaper advertising on the tray. The idea is to get impulse buyers to grab a daily newspaper at check out.

Really, this is a brilliant idea!

Rather than pay $1200 per month for an advertisement on the local bus bench, the marketer buys 250 or more take a penny trays.

They put their company logo, i.e. newspaper banner on the tray. The target audience is reached, and hopefully you or I or Joe Consumer grabs a newspaper, increasing single copy sales.

Other advertising folks realize that the initial investment of a couple of dollars is a one time investment. Unlike other advertising with monthly fees, these little coin trays scream a message “remember us?…… buy ours!”

Local real estate agencies, movie theaters, dining establishments…..also see the benefit.

We offer two primary coin trays for this purpose. The most effective for return on investment also serves as a pen and pencil holder.

What retail check out point does not need pens readily available for signatures on credit card receipts?

We also offer a less expensive alternative, take a penny tray.


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