For the Dogs (and other pets)

Pet owners and dog owners especially are passionate about their animals. Why not combine that passion with your brand? We have many dog themed and related items that you can have imprinted with your logo or message for perfect pet or dog based give away. Great giveaway item for dog parks, club kennels, pet stores, and vets!

Here are our favorite dog themed and related items:

Promotional Tennis Ball / Dog Ball!
As pets get some exercise and playtime in, your company name and logo will be on display for all to see! Order these dog balls custom imprinted for your business as a marketing item perfect for dog parks, dog training schools, animal shelters, club kennels, or vets! Can be used as a reward or training incentive for puppies, or an everyday favorite for dogs of all kinds. This tennis ball features a non-toxic ink that is safe for pets.

Promotional Dog Ball

Promotional Dog Ball

22 Inch Triangle Bandana

Triangle bandannas work great as a headband or as a dog bandana. Dogs will look adorable sporting these 100% cotton bandanas. Available in a variety of colors.

Personalized Triangle Bandana

Personalized Cotton Triangle Bandana

Dog Safe 9 Inch Flyer and Dog Safe 7″ Flyer
This Frisbee style flyer is made with durable co-polymer that is both strong and safe for all pets. This flying disc is also available in 100% home recycled material. Our 10″ Flyer really flys well.

Custom Imprinted 9 Inch Flyer

Custom Imprinted 9 Inch Flyer

Dog Safe 7" Flyer

Dog Safe 7″ Flyer

Floating Dog Bone Shaped Key Chain
Our Dog Bone Keychain is made of soft closed-cell foam that has been sealed and vinyl coated, ensuring this key tag is both tough and strong. The dog bone shape makes it fun for use as a pet-themed promotional item. We also offer a Dog Shaped Floating Key Chain.

Floating Dog Bone Shaped Key Tag

Floating Dog Bone Shaped Key Tag

Dog Bone Shaped USB Drive

It’s made of impact resistant hard silicone and comes in a variety of colors. Who would not want a free flash drive. Our Thumb drives use only top quantity memory and have a life time guarantee.

Personalized Dog Bone Shaped USB Drive

Personalized Dog Bone Shaped USB Drive

K9 Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle and the Travel Dog Dish / Water Bottle
These innovative water bottle make it easy for your favorite canine to get a refreshing drink while on a walk or playing in the park!  You no longer need to haul both a bottle of water and a bowl! The perfect promotional giveaway item for dog walkers, pet supply stores, pet groomers and boarders!

Dog Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Dog Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Roller Ball Top

Travel Dog Dish / Water bottle

Clicker Trainer for positive reinforcement training
Stainless steel spring is completely enclosed for safety. Here is some more information about clicker training.

Dog Clicker Trainer

Clicker Trainer – Great for Dog Training

Bone Shaped Magnet
Bone shaped stock magnet, 1 1/4″ x 3 1/4″. Approximately .020 thick.

Bone Shaped Magnet

Dog Bone Shaped Magnet

Collapsible water bowl
The ultimate travel bowl for pets on the go. Collapses flat to stow or transport. Use clip to easily attach to leash, backpack or belt buckle.

Collapsible water bowl

Collapsible water bowl

Doggy doo-doo bag dispenser
This customized #2 bag dispenser with carabiner easily fastens to any leash, collar, or belt loop. Refillable compartment holds 20 biodegradable, disposable bags.

Doggy Do-Do Bag Dispenser

Doggy Do-Do Bag Dispenser

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