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Thanks for your interest in a catalog. Most of our products are shown here on our website can be found with the menu on the left or the search bar on the upper left. We only print a small catalog with an assortment of some of our basic products: pens, caps, mugs, key chains etc. If there is something specific you are looking for please drop us an e-mail, and we'll send you a product photo and price. As mentioned many of our products will not be shown in the mini catalog.

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You can see the Catalogs online (previously received by mail) and always have the most updated information.


On-line garment, clothing, & sportswear catalog. Includes t-shirts, jackets, caps, denim, golf, polar fleece, bags, sweatshirts,towels, etc. . . Screenprinting & Embroidery available.

The Bullet Line catalogs are traditionally mailed each year. However the entire line can be viewed online. Keychains, flashlights, cd holders, computer items, highlighters, portfolios, tools, compasses, & clocks.

Other online catalog catagories: