Custom Lapel Pins with Your Logo or Message



Feature the most traditional and ornamental material manufactured at higher cost than the others. It is said the colors can be preserved for 100 years without fading because they are derived from mineral ore ground into powder and are always imported from Japan. All the colors painted on pins must be fired at temperature of 800 centigrade in order to become molten and then cooled off at normal temperature. Because of the complicated procedures, extra work and time needed, prices are little higher than the others. This means the are the most valuable souvenirs for collections.

Material: Copper
Colors: From mineral ore, powder style imported from Japan
Motifs made by die struck way (stamping).



Invented in recent years it has almost replaced the hard enamel pins because of lower cost, faster delivery time, and more colors to choose from. Once you have a good eye for color, you will cherish these pins due to their shiny smooth bright colors. These vivid colors make them feel less like pins and more like jewelry.

Material: Copper or Brass
Colors: Colored epoxy (liquid style)
Motifs made by die struck (stamping)




Normally prices are less expensive than hard enamel and imitation hard enamel pins. It is an ideal method for those designs requiring a thinner metal border or outline. Because soft enamel colors can be mixed to create hundreds of Pantone colors and the raised metal parts will be polished always, we highly recommend that you choose this material as souvenir lapel pins.

Material: Copper or Brass
Colors: Soft enamel (liquid style)
Motifs made by die struck (stamping)



With lighter weight of 0.8mm thick of brass, photo etching is a good choice for large sized designs or for pins with flashing lights inserted. Generally speaking, it is cheaper and lighter weight than die struck soft enamel pins while colors can be as multiple as die struck soft enamel pins. But if your designs need fine metal border or sharp external shape, we won't advise you to choose photo etch way as the metal border is usually 0.8mm - 1mm thickness. Epoxy covering is optionalal upon request.

Material: Standard brass of 0.8mm thick.Thicker brass is available at higher cost and the maximum thickness of brass is 2mm only.
Colors: Soft Enamel (Liquid style)
Motifs are etched by acid chemical.



This is almost the same as die struck soft enamel pins but with iron material instead. One of the cheapest lapel pins because of the iron material, electroplating by rolling machines, and no polishing after colors are filled. Usually we use bronze plating instead of gold or nickel for silver. If real gold or silver plating are necessary, we can make it for you for only a few more cents.

Material: Iron
Colors: Soft Enamel (liquid style)
Motifs made by die struck (stamping)



Without any infill colors, pins can have a more elegant appearance using different finishing such as sandblasting, foggy painting, two tone (gold and nickel), antique effects, or inserted colorful gem stones. Shown are 6 different finishes for your reference.

Material: Copper or Brass
Colors: No colors infill



Both silkscreen printing and offset printing are good solutions for presenting complicated designs or gradual colors. There are 3 different materials to choose from shown below. In order to avoid colors being scratched, we suggest clear epoxy covered always. Because printed pins can be manufactured faster at lower cost, it is the best choice for large quantity premiums.

Brass material with gold or nickel plating

Brass material without electroplating or Stainless steel without electroplating

Aluminum material without electroplatin