Food Magnets
Custom printed promotional products and giveaways with your imprinted logo or personalized message.

Food Magnets

Food shaped magnets for promoting restaurants, catering companies, drive in restaurants, pizza parlors, and more!

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apple, apple shaped magnet, apple magnet, fruit magnet, fruit apple magnet, red delicious apple magn

Apple Shaped Magnet

Item # S116
As low as $0.31
pig, pig magnet, piggy, piggy magnet, piggy bank magnet, piggy bank, pork, pork magnet, promotional,

Pig / Piggy Bank Shaped Magnet

Item # S160
As low as $0.31
grocery store magnet, bag of groceries magnet, groceries magnet, grocery bag magnet, food bag magnet

Bag of Groceries Shaped Magnet

Item # S168
As low as $0.24
silverware, silverware magnet, flatware, flatware magnet, dinner setting, set the table, set the tab

Dinner Place Setting Shaped Magnet

Item # S162
As low as $0.24
cow, cow magnet, dairy cow magnet, butcher shop magnet, meat magnet, beef cow magnet, promotional, l

Cow Shaped Magnet

Item # S191
As low as $0.24
coffee, coffee cup, coffee cup magnet, coffee shaped magnet, promotional, logo, advertising, persona

Coffee Cup Shaped Magnet

Item # S214
As low as $0.24
chinese, chinese food, chinese restaurant, take out, take out box, chinese take out box, chinese foo

Chinese Takeout Box Shaped Magnet

Item # MMD3071
As low as $0.21
veterinarian magnet, dog magnet, pet magnet, vet magnet, animal magnet, dog bone magnet, bone magnet

Dog Bone Shaped Magnet

Item # S147
As low as $0.20
soda, pop, pop can, pop can magnet, soda can shaped magnet, coke can magnet, promotional, logo, adve

Soda Pop Can Shaped Magnet

Item # S115
As low as $0.20
ice cream, ice cream cone, ice cream shaped magnet, ice cream cone shaped magnet, icecream cone, ice

Ice Cream Cone Shaped Magnet

Item # S161
As low as $0.15
pizza, pizza parlor, pizza slice, pizza magnet, pizza slice magnet, pizza delivery magnet, promotion

Pizza Slice Shaped Magnet

Item # S181
As low as $0.11

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