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Client Kudos

Unsolicited feedback from our customers.

I just wanted to let you know that our floaties arrived today.
It was a pleasure to work with you again ...!
Thank you. (Floating Test Tube Holders)
Barbara H.
Genetic Technology Company

We received our order last week and the team is very happy with your product.
Thank you for such great customer service and quick turn-around. We really appreciate it! (Beaker Mugs)
Corina S.
Invention Investment Company


Our delivery just arrived and everything looks beautiful! Thanks for your work on these!  (Magnets)
Denise L.
Staffing Company

You have always been a pleasant to do business with.  That is hard to find.  I appreciate you and all of your staff.
Terri R.

The customer service has been great and I will definitely keep you guys in mind
next time we need to order promo products.  I appreciate all your help. (LED Noses)
Brian V.
Design Firm

Thank you so so much!  Always so diligent. (Wristbands)
Aislinn S.
Event Planner

We received the beakers this morning and they look fantastic!
Thank you for your help in getting this together so quickly.
Elizabeth K.
Advertising Agency

Thanks so much for getting this done, I really appreciate it (as do my clients).  (Auction Fans)
Party Planner

We always appreciate your superb customer service and fresh ideas for our giveaways.
Peggy T.
Financial Advisory

Awesome. Thank you so much for your patience with all of the revisions! (Coffee Pods)
Sara Cross

You’re amazing, thanks so much! I’ll keep an eye out for the delivery tomorrow. (Coffee Grinder Gift Sets)
Sarah S.
Design Firm

The mug arrived and we'll put it to the test! Thanks so much for sending it along!
Also, the mugs we just got from you are a hit! Thanks for creating a quality product for us!
Abby V.
Online Ministry

This is the best news ever!
Words can’t express how happy and excited we are!
Thank you for making our spoon wedding dreams come true!
Abbey G.

Thanks very much! I appreciate all you've done! ( Pie Servers)
Corey G.
Financial Advisory

Thank you so much for your hard work in this.
You went above and beyond and I want you to know how much I appreciate it!
Please let me know if there is someone I can sing your praises to. (Padfolios)
Michelle B.
Hotel Management

The new calendar cards have been received and are correct.
Thank you so much for correcting the issue.
We appreciate how your company handles business.
Looking forward to doing business with you all in the future.
Angela M.
Accounting Firm


Perfect!  Thank you so much!  A pleasure, as always. (Stainless Steel Tumblers)
Pamela G.
Training Institute


Everyone loves the bike shaped key ring bottle openers that I ordered from you!
Shannon B.
Bicycle Store

Thank you both for all of your help! (Stainless Steel Mugs)
Julie K.
Dental Office

Once again, thank you for helping me make this happen.
I greatly appreciate your help and will reach out next time we need something
(and I’ll try to give you more notice this time!). (Webcam Covers)
Lauren J.
Website Design

We are very happy with the items received so far.  The boxes with 4 tumblers look so sharp!
Our customers are really going to like it.
Amy V.
IT Consultants

We're just so thrilled to find a vendor that we can rely on the graphic not washing off
in the dishwasher! And you've been so prompt and helpful. I truly appreciate it! (Ceramic Mugs)
Abby V.
Online Ministry

Thank you again so much for your excellent service. We’re going to be ordering pint glasses
and shirts soon, and I’m definitely going to recommend that we give you our business. (Snifter Glass)
John S.

Thank you so much for your urgency with this order and your patience
with all the back and forth! I appreciate your help! (Pom Poms)
Samantha J.
Credit Union


You guys are fast and efficient!
Looking at your website now to see what other goodies we can order - thanks for being so easy to work with!
Have a super day! (Popcorn Bags)
Laura W.
Paint Company

They are gorgeous!  THANK YOU!!!  (Pie Servers)
Kim T.
Design Firm


You have been so great to work with, and I look forward to more projects in the future.
Thank you again, and have a blessed week. (Candle & Candy Jar Gift Set)
Jason P.


Thank you for all your help. May you have a great day. (Badge Reels)
Daniel P.
Healthcare Organization


The fans were a huge hit and looked terrific.
Thank you so much for getting it done on time.
Brenda B.
Theatre Company


Wow, thank you! This was much faster than we anticipated.
I greatly appreciate all of your assistance to get this produced so quickly. (Microfiber Cleaning Cloths)
Susanna P.
Cyber Security

Thanks so very much for all of this - so appreciated!!
Dawn R.
Shooting Club

This is so great! Thank you so much. Sorry for all of the difficulty.
I really really appreciate your help!
Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you again. (Custom Candle & Candy Jar)
Jason P.


Thank you for the super-fast turn on this to meet our deadline. (Microfiber Cleaning Cloths)
Susanna P.
Cyber Security


We have them. We love them. Can't wait for the rest of it! (Beaker Mugs)
Chris D.
Festival Organizer


I wanted to thank you again for all your help with our bracelet order.
They looked amazing and our congregation loved them! I forwarded your information
to our Youth Department.  They may reach out to you soon about another order!
Hillary R.

Yes, thank you. It did go to spam.
I'm getting approval and hopefully start the ball rolling tomorrow.
I appreciate your customer service.
Andy P.
Fan Club


The toothpicks arrived on Tuesday and we brought them to the restaurant.
They were overwhelmed - sometimes you can't imagine something until you hold it.
The whole staff was amazed and very pleased.
Tom P.

Pleasure working with you too! Thanks for being so great with all our craziness!
We will be sure to let you know of any printing needs in the future.
By the way, the hats are great. Can't wait to see the other items! (Beach Towels)
Anna K.
Pools & Hot Tub Retailer


The artwork and the shipping details are all approved!  We truly appreciate you proceeding with this order so quickly.
  If there is anything else at all that you need, just let us know! (Condiment Bottles)
Lori B.

The crayons arrived a little while ago.
I want to thank you for such a quick delivery on them.
It was much appreciated.
Judy B.
Health Department

I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly! I will continue to purchase
from y'all in the future because you are amazing! I’ll reach out in September to order more. (Stainless Steel Tumblers)
Stesha S.
Consulting Group

First of all, we received our order on 7/23/18. I was not in the office when they arrived,
but the boss called me to inform me they had arrived.  Being sometimes leery about ordering items online,
sight unseen, I asked him if he had opened them, he said that he had. Ok, I said, holding my breath,
what do you think?  Nice, he replied, really nice. Yea!!!  I saw them the next day and was impressed
with the quality of the truck, printing and the packaging.

From the beginning of the order process, thru the design process, I received nothing but professional,
courteous, responsive service. Everyone that received them were very impressed.
Several of our customers are in the same line of work we are and indicated that they would be contacting
us for your contact info. You will be highly recommended to them in the future.  (Die Cast Tractor/Trailers)
Rusty B.
Trucking Company

You guys are awesome!
You still have my artwork on file.  This is approved.
Thanks so much for making this re-order process so easy.
Shelley D.
Hair Salon

We got the package this morning and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!
Thank you so much for your patience and hard work to get those to us for the event! (Drawstring Backpack)
Kelsey R.
Health Department

Thank you so much for working with me on this!  Your customer service is amazing! (Ornaments)
Sign Company

I wanted to say we recently received our order of kids custom police badges and are quite pleased with the results!
Thanks again to you and your staff for working with us to create the design and an awesome outcome!
Officer Ron N.
Police Department

Awesome!  Thanks!  Looking forward to receiving (the keychains) and using your company again! 
Thomas M.
Events and Promotions Company

Our silicone card wallets came yesterday, they are perfect!
Dixon N.
Engineering & Construction Company

Thanks and we look forward to a long relationship with your company.
Thanks for the extra effort your team is giving this!  God bless. (Smartphone Stand)
Pastor BJ

Rec'd the keychains in today.
They look good. Will be in touch shortly for more. Thanks!
Dave S.
Equipment Company

Thank you - you guys are the best! (Silicone Card Wallet)
Dixon N.
Engineering & Construction Company

Just wanted to say I love the koozies brother!
Thanks for all ya help, lookin forward to ordering more!
Thanks again and have a great day!
Jarred F.
Outdoor Lifestyle Company

You are the very best. Everything looks awesome.  Thank you for your TLC with our projects.
I approve of both the frisbee and puzzle design. Thank you, you made my day. 
Susan R.
Non-Profit Organization

We received the order and it looks great! Colors are the same as the previous order.
Thank you for all your help!  (Weepul Bookmarks)
Ally P.
Learning Technology


Just wanted to let you know we received our coaster this morning and they look AWESOME!!
Thank you, this is exactly what the bosses were looking for.
I really appreciate all your help with this.  We will surely use your services again!
Thank you again, have a good day and enjoy the rest of your week.
Kanani C.
Environmental Services Company


You rock. Thank you. (Keychains)
Gina A.
Transportation Agency

Everyone loves them! (Micro Metal Buses)
Carol G.
Engineering and Technology Company

Hello, I just received these key chains and they look so great! Thank you. 
Stancey C.
Construction Services

THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything!  
You guys are the best, and I will definitely recommend you to others who are planning their reunions.
It's an annual thing!
Charlene O.
Reunion Committee

These were received and my committee mate sent me a photo.
He says they look great!  Thank you.  (Buttons)
Charlene O.
Reunion Committee

I did receive all of the quotes you sent. Thank you for your prompt response.
I have forwarded them to my colleges for approval.  Thank you!
Elisha C.
Property Development

Oh how I love these--- makes my Tuesday (just sayin').  (Full color Foam Keychains)
Susan C.
Visitors Bureau

The rugs look great!  I’d like to order one more.  Thanks!
Kristine D.

Thank you for all your help. And the quality of the key chains is far superior to what we had
purchased in the past.  If I can get the ok, my plan is to make another order before our fiscal year ends in June.
Bob M.
Government Agency

I just wanted to say thank you SO much for all your help, dedication, and patience with us on this project.
We love the end result and will definitely be coming back in the future and
I’ll personally recommend y’all to anyone who needs cool custom promo items!
Y’all rock! (Air Fresheners)
Ali D.
Restaurant Chain


We took the pins to our first conference this week and they went over like gangbusters!
Thanks for providing a quality product.
Kelly M.
Healthcare Consultants

I appreciate the quote and your attentiveness! (Recycled Silicon Wristbands)
Sheridan B.
Recycling Company

Thanks for your response.  I had frankly started an order with another company
but didn’t get a response to my questions so moved on.  I appreciate your extra efforts.
Helen S.

The puzzles came in and I again am very pleased with my order.
I am a happy repeat customer.
Thank you again for all your hard work and great communication
to get these to us just in time for our celebration.  Have a great day.
Shari S.
Science Center

It has been a pleasure working with you. (Maracas)
Andrea C.
Dental Office

Received the keyfloats - they look great. Thanks again for all of your help getting these print ready.
James A.
Brewing Company

I really appreciate your willingness to assist me on such short notice
and I thought your customer service was exemplary. (Insulated Lunch Box)
Margo T.

I believe I worked with you last time when I had to last minute change our shipping destination
and rush ship our items.  You are the reason for our re-order. Well done!
You offer excellent customer service!!  We are so grateful for your help!
Besty W.
Ministry Organization

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help with my keychain order.
They came out better than ever expected and I got them faster too.
I really appreciate you going out of your way to accommodate my needs.  Thanks again.
Courtney D.
Fund Raiser

I love the key chains. Thank you for your help and service.
Sherri L.
Art Studio

I really appreciate your excellent customer service.
It is very impressive and I will keep this in mind going forward. (Insulated Lunch Box)
Margo T.

I appreciate the great service!  I look forward to receiving them.
Thank you again for the fast turnaround. (Hand Fans)
Marc S.

Great, thank you again for all your help.
You are a pleasure to work with....especially with all our needs.
Have a good day! (Chair Covers)
Jenny S.
Food Forum

Yesss, we absolutely love it! It looks so cool!
I already have people here in the office requesting their own and
calling dibs on the samples!! (Custom Shaped Air Freshener)
Ali D.
Restaurant Chain

Just received – first glance is pretty solid.
Thanks again for such a professional performance. (Folding Knife)
John L.
Stainless Steel Provider

Received them yesterday - love them!!! (Pens)
Thanks so much!
Patti S.
Bus Company

OUTSTANDING!!!!!  Thank you... (Coloring Books & Crayons)
Beverly N.
Accounting Services Company


The Mouse Pads just arrived and everyone LOVES them!
Brittany F.
Financial Advisory Company

Thank you so much for your quick response turning around this quote. (Mugs)
Barbara S.
Disease Control Organization

We just picked them up from our mailroom downstairs. (Mugs)
They look great!
Thank you so much for all of your help!
Jenny D.
Television Station

Thanks a ton! (Wristbands)
Justin C.
Events Company

Thank you so much for working on this order so quickly!! (Mardi Gras Bead Necklace)
Kirsty C.
Marketing Agency

You all are the best!  Thanks for making it easy for me. I already went online and paid!
Tatiana S.
Construction Company

I wanted you to know our order arrived yesterday! 
Everything looks wonderful!  (Tumblers & Totes)
Thank you for your help. I look forward to working with you again!
Debra L.

Thank you!  You made this process very easy for me and I appreciate that. (Custom Shaped Keychains)
Hal H.
Wilderness Camp

Wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!! Have a great weekend! (Tumblers & Totes)
Debra L.

I just wanted to say how impressed we were with the keychains.
I think it was a great idea and production!
Can I give a testimonial for you?
Danny A.
Machine Repair

Thank you, it has been a pleasure. (Tumblers & Totes)
Debra L.

We received the mugs today and love them! Thanks for your help on getting those to us!
Linda D.
Performance Guild

Thanks so much for your quick turnaround!!  (Floating Key Chain)
William W.
Professional Organization

Help, they were a major hit at the event we took them to and we’re already looking in to getting more. (Lighted Badge)
Kirk H.
Technology Company

Confirmed delivery. These things are AWESOME!  Thanks again. (Lighted Badge)
Kirk H.
Technology Company

Thanks! I appreciate all of your help on this—and for making it happen so quickly! (Tangram Puzzles)
Damia C.
Marketing Agency/University

I think I failed to thank you for your fast turnaround on our last Mug order.
We got them even quicker than expected and it really saved the day!!!
Thank you for that!  Now that we sold out of them once again, we would like to order again...
Emily S.
Online Retailer

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If there is a will, there is a way. This was a perfect example of that. (Custom Awards)
Vitaly E.
Marketing Agency

Received the gliders today. They look great, exactly what I thought they would look like (imprint).
Thank you so much for rushing this order thru.  Just wish my “flying” skills were better!  Hahaha. Thanks again.
Cherril T.
Energy Company

Thank you and I look forward to working with you guys again! (Vinyl Key Chains)
Fabio N.
Professional Artist

Thank you for the tracking number and for the well wishes! :)
We're getting married in Maui next May and I think our guests will LOVE these surfboard bottle openers!
You guys are awesome!
Shae G.

Thank you for your help with the tight timeline! (Party Horns)
Rebecca C.
Hotel Chain

We got these for the event!  Thank you so much. They were a hit! (Auction Fans)
Katie C.
Skiing Magazine

The scarves are a big hit.  I need to order 50 more.  Thanks.
Jim D.
Medical Center

We received the shipment today. The Copper Shot Glasses look great – thanks!
Summer D.
Building Development & Design

I got the candy canes with tomatoes and they are super cute!  Thanks for working with me to get them here in time. (Seed Paper Gift Pack)
Charlotte K.
Healthcare Organization

Frogs arrived today and print quality on them is very good. Thanks again. (Rubber Toy)
Chris L.
Tax Compliance Specialty Firm

We received them yesterday! Absolutely LOVE THEM!  Y’all did an awesome job!!!
We’re heading out to deliver them all to our favorite realtors! (Pie Servers)
Elizabeth L.
Mortgage Lending

We have received the shipment.  The Wood Line Blocks and Mason Line Twigs look great. Thank you!
Anna S.
Mason Company

I wanted to thank you for everything! The cans arrived on Friday and they look great! (Donation Cans)
Julie R.
Nonprofit Relief Organization

The Change Boxes are going well, and we are planning ahead on our next order.
Nicole G.
Nonprofit Housing Organization

Thank you for your excellent assistance! (Oil Pens)
Beverly S.
Oil Company

Thank you so much Eric! They go over so well!! (Lapel Pins)
Starla H.
Consulting Company

We have received our key chains and love them.  Great job and thank you for getting them to us timely!!
Jana C.
Insurance Company

I just wanted to reach out to let you know that we're very happy with our order.
You did a great job on the design and your production team executed perfectly.
Well done!  We will definitely keep Imprint Items in mind for future purchases. (Vacuum Bottles)
Rachel H.
Orchestra Management

They look amazing!  Thank you so very much for all of your hard work. I know it was a lot of phone calls and back and forth
and I do appreciate the effort you’ve put in. I can’t wait to go try them out at the hotel! (Chair Covers)
Elise S.
Hospitality Organization

I GOT THEM!  They look great and are packaged perfectly.  Thank you! ( Floating Key Chains)
Angela S.

We received them and they look great again! Thank you! (Helmet Covers)
Oliver B.
Race Organizers

People love the glass beakers and so wanted to order some more.
Kate M.

I got my order on Thursday.  Thank you, I look forward to doing more business with in the future. (Puzzles)
Carole G.
Realty Company

Wow! That is amazing and confirms my feelings about your company -
that I had just from the quality of the interactions with your salespeople to the quality and timeliness of the product I ordered... (Bandanas)
Charis D.
Public School

Thanks again, you have been wonderful to work with! (Tumblers)
Donna N.
Vehicle Technology Company

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help is getting us the pens in time for our event. We really appreciate it!
Lauren M.
Private College

I need another wristband order 350 total quantity the same bands as last time...  We were beyond happy with the last order!
Justin C.
Entertainment Company

Thank you so much for our key chains, they turned out fantastic! We will definitely be ordering more when we run out!!
Lori C.
Heating Company

Looks great!! Approved! Thank you so much for all your help! (Tumblers)
Stesha S.
Consulting Group

The tablecloths arrived today.  They look great!  Thanks so much for all your help and patience.
Barbara B.
Metropolitan Planning Organization

Thanks for making this happen in short notice.  (Garbage Truck Stress Relievers)
Geoff H.
Waste Management Company

I just received the key chains! Thanks so much! I love them!
Christine J.
Neighborhood Improvement Organization

Mugs have arrived today - Many thanks for all your help with them.
Linda K.

Thank you for the update and great customer service! (Condiment Bottles)
BBQ Restaurant

We received the erasers and love them! Thanks again for all of your help with these.
Rosalyn W.
Private University


Thank you so much I love them!!!! (Can Coolers)
Mollie P.
Biotech Company

We received our order yesterday and are very happy with the items. (Bicycle Helmets and Bike Lights)
Rebekka A.
City Government

I'm happy to recommend you and your company.  It's been a pleasure to work with you, as well. (Coin Banks)
Ann W.
Park Organization

I meant to send you an email awhile ago letting you know that the order came in and the clips are great, thank you so much. (Water Bottle Holders)
Adventure Tours

Thank you for such attentive help during this whole process.  It's exciting to see our eraser idea come to life.  We're all thrilled to receive our order.
Prestigious University

Thanks for the update. Appreciate your efforts to resolve this. Looking forward to getting the new batch. (Frog Themed Items)
Chris L.
Defense Company

I just wanted to send you a quick email to THANK YOU and your team for the AWESOME garbage cans.  I received them yesterday.  The Town Seal you imprinted came out great and the whole office loved them!  I hope you and your families have safe travels enjoying this Memorial Day Holiday.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future for the Town’s imprinting needs.  Thanks again!
Julie L.
Small City

I just want to thank you for getting the activity books here in time. They have been a big hit at the schools this week.
We have been really busy all week making presentations to the elementary classes on the importance of water, where it comes from, maintenance on the water system, water towers, fire hydrants, etc.. It has been fun! (Coloring Books)
Connie W.
Town Public Works Department

Thank you very much for processing this so quickly.  I really appreciate it!  I am so glad I contacted you to expedite this!!!!
Have a pleasant evening! (Mini Garbage Cans)
Julie L.
Public Utilities Department

We just got the trucks in and they look GREAT!!! Thank you so much! It was a pleasure doing business with you! (Die Cast Snow Plows)
Becky P.

Thank you for getting back to me so promptly. We don't order too often, but I kept this order on file because we do like this item.
Thank you again. As long as the item is the same as last time, I don't really need to see a proof, but if you want to send me one, that's fine, too. (Water Conservation Rulers)
Donna O.
Sewer Department

Thank you! You made it super easy to set up my order and work with you – I appreciate it! The paddles arrived and they are gorgeous! Thank you for the excellent print quality and quick service! (Auction Fans)
Caitlin C.
Youth Advocacy Organization
4/27/17 - 5/5/17

Thank you soooo much!  Can't wait! :-D  Our students loooove these! (Science Lab Mugs)
Zabrina S.

The pens arrived Monday.  I haven’t even opened the box yet, but will do before our meeting tomorrow evening.
Thanks so much! (Retractable Pens)
Marry Ellen F.
Management Corporation

Good Morning
Received balls yesterday. WE LOVE THEM. IT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. THANK YOU SO MUCH. (Mini Basketballs)
Eunice E.
Graduation Open House


This looks great!! Lets print them!! Thanks for all of your help and your speedy service! We appreciate it! :) (Signature Cap)
Janeen B.

Thank you for your personal and timely help, Jon! (House Shaped Piggy Bank)
Paul M.

I just received my floating keytainers and they are perfect.
Thank you very much.
John C.

Hi Team,Thanks for sending the tracker.
It looks great. Please proceed with the full order. (Fitness Tracker)
Monique G.
City Transit Department

I just wanted to thank you all for your prompt and wonderful attention to our order!
We are very pleased and will be sure to contact you when it is time to reorder! (Floating Key Chains)
Debra L.

Thank you for your speedy service on this request.  And your diligence in locating me at work,
I truly appreciate all your efforts.  I hope your company knows how valuable you are.  
God bless you. (Awareness Pins)
Linda A.
Nonprofit Organization

I received the chair covers. They are perfect.
Marybeth S.
High School

Perfect, It looks great. Please go ahead with order.  Thank you again for the FAST response. (Surfboard Bottle Openers)
Christopher P.
Media Company

Thank you SO very much for making this work!!!!!!!  We sincerely appreciate your help with this and
we look forward to receiving the product.  It has been very pleasant working with your company… Have a great week! (Chair Covers)
Sue T.
Performing Arts Center

Thank you for such a super quick response. You are AMAZING. (Mugs)
Hope you are having a great weekend.  Thank you.
Jaime P.
Medical Spa

I unpacked the mugs. They look wonderful and they were all intact. THANK YOU!!!! 
Cathy F.
University Natural Science Department

What a delight! Thank you so much for those links. It is not very often a vendor gives you other options proactively. Thank you! (Balsa Gliders)
Emily H.
Business Services Consulting

Great thank you so much and looking forward to doing business with you again in the future! (Selfie Sticks)
Lisa B.
IT Infrastructure Company

This looks great! We are ready to roll. (Party Hat)
Amoreena O.

Thank YOU - look great! (T-shirts)
Terry V.
Choir Director

Great thanks. You guys are so easy to do business with.  Thanks again! (Custom Shaped Keychains)
Randy G.
Truck Training & Licensing Company

I just checked the mailbox and was treated to some wonderful presents.
What an incredible job—I’ve had to kick the CEO out of my office and lock these masters of ink up!  (Pens)
Mickey W.
Military Nonprofit

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