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Die Cut Post-it® Note Pads

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Make your name stick with custom Die Cut Post-it® Note. Custom printed Die cut Post-it® Note will go a long way to promote your business name and logo. We offer real Die-cut Post-it® Note brand pads that can be personalized with your logo, message or promotion. These high quality shaped Post-it® Note (commonly referred to as Postit notes, Post it sheets, sticky notes, adhesive pads, etc.) come direct from the 3M factory in Minnesota, so you can be assured you are getting a quality product, not a cheap knock off.

Looking for another Post-it Note pad style? Try these options:

To Order or request a quote: Find your shape in the list below select the Group from the Grid of Products.
To see a PDF of all available shapes of Die Cut Post-it® Note Click Here.

We can do any shape. If a shape is not currently listed, we can have the die made just for your project!! Call or email for more information. Custom die costs range from $550-$800 depending on the size of the die.

Looking for a cheaper option on large quantity orders? We can do die cut note/scratch pads with no adhesive significantly cheaper for orders of 3000 or more pads.

We offer the following shapes (FREE Stock artwork available for many shapes, call or email for more information):

Group 1- Small (cut from 2 3/4 x 3): Heart, Square with Slant Corner, U-Shape, Bread, Square with Rounded Corners, Circle with Flat Edge, Arrow, Small United States

Group 2- Medium (Cut from 3 x 4): Apple, Can, Number 1 / Number One, Telephone, Octagon, Box / Package, Cup, Bottle, Cat, Rabbit / Bunny, Rectangle with Slant Corners, Circle with Flat Edge, Arrow, U-Shape, Rectangle with rounded Corners, Bread, Rolodex Card / Address Card, Flag, Cell Phone, Ribbon, Small Capsule, Large Capsule, Left Foot, Right Foot, Dollar Sign / Money, Small House w/ Left Chimney, Small House w/ Right Chimney, House w/ Rounded Eaves, Padlock / Lock

Group 3- Large (Cut from 4 x 4): Flag, Heart, Shell, Tooth, Triangle, Light Bulb / Balloon / Diamond Ring, Cheese, Computer, Down Arrow, Bread, Square with Slant Corner, Square with Rounded Corners, U-Shape, Circle with Flat Edge, Bag, T-Shirt (available artwork - plain shirt, Pocket Tee, Polo, Scrubs, Doctor / Scrubs with stethoscope, police officer, sheriff, coach with whistle), Mortar & Pestle, Pumpkin, Laptop / Socks, Christmas Tree, Bear / Teddy Bear, Left Hand, Right Hand, House with Left Chimney, House with Right Chimney, Elephant

Group 3 Large White Paper Only OR as Group 4 (Cut from 4 x 4 adhesive center): Circle, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis Ball, Golf ball, Soccer Ball, Softball, Star, Cloud, Baseball Glove w/ Ball, 3 Leaf Clover, Flower, Daisy, Grapes, Paw Print, Snow Flake, Ghost, Fluffy Teddy Bear, Medium Flower, Leaf, Santa, Shamrock / 4 Leaf Clover, Snowman (artwork also available for Paw Print), Pig, Slinky / Medium Circle, Thought Bubble / Speech Bubble, Bone, Octagon, Football / Rugby Ball

Group 4- Extra Large (Cut from 4 x 6): Truck, Arrow, Hexagon, Number 1, Rectangle with round Corners, Narrow Bread, Squeezing Hands / Helping Hands, Rectangle with Slant Corners, Down Arrow, U-Shape, Shopping Cart, Car, Tennis Shoe, Lips, Fish, Eye Dropper, Droplet / Water Drop, Black Jack (Playing Cards), Eco / CFL / Energy Saver Light bulb, Large United States, Tractor / Farm Equipment, Kidney, Corn Ear, Large Bubble, Bus

Non-Standard Group (Cut from 3x8): Car, Van, Bottle, Airplane / Jet / Air Craft, Large Football (6x8)

The Following States are available (call or email to check pricing or to place an order): Shape of the United States (both small and Large), Illinois (large and Small), Indiana, Washington, Iowa (large and Small), Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Colorado, Kansas, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, New Mexico, Alabama, California, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming

Custom shapes are available. Call or email us for more information on custom shaped die-cut Post-it® Note.

Click Here for Post-it® Note General Information including Paper colors, Standard Ink Colors, Custom Back cards, Recycled Paper and Changeable Copy.
More information about Post-it Note brand products vs. competitors and adhesive "stickyness".