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The following cities may have logos on file and credit terms set up.

With a properly executed purchase order in most cases we can extend credit terms.

If we do not have your logo on file, we can usually obtain it for you with an official email from your city or municipalities or a faxed note on letterhead.

New York, New York (pop 8,084,316)
Los Angeles, California (pop 3,798,981)
Chicago, Illinois (pop 2,886,251)
Houston, Texas (pop 2,009,834)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (pop 1,492,231)
Phoenix, Arizona (pop 1,371,960)
San Diego, California (pop 1,259,532)
Dallas, Texas (pop 1,211,467)
San Antonio, Texas (pop 1,194,222)
Detroit, Michigan (pop 925,051)
San Jose, California (pop 900,443)
Indianapolis, Indiana (pop 783,612)
San Francisco, California (pop 764,049)
Columbus, Ohio (pop 725,228)
Austin, Texas (pop 671,873)
Baltimore, Maryland (pop 638,614)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (pop 590,895)
Boston, Massachusetts (pop 589,281)
Washington, District of Columbia (pop 570,898)
El Paso, Texas (pop 577,415)
Seattle, Washington (pop 570,426)
Denver, Colorado (pop 560,415)
Charlotte, North Carolina (pop 580,597)
Fort Worth, Texas (pop 567,516)
Portland, Oregon (pop 539,438)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (pop 519,034)
Tucson, Arizona (pop 503,151)
New Orleans, Louisiana (pop 473,681)
Las Vegas, Nevada (pop 508,604)
Cleveland, Ohio (pop 467,851)
Long Beach, California (pop 472,412)
Albuquerque, New Mexico (pop 463,874)
Kansas City, Missouri (pop 443,471)
Fresno, California (pop 445,227)
Virginia Beach, Virginia (pop 433,934)
Atlanta, Georgia (pop 424,868)
Sacramento, California (pop 435,245)
Oakland, California (pop 402,777)
Mesa, Arizona (pop 426,841)
Tulsa, Oklahoma (pop 391,908)
Omaha, Nebraska (pop 399,357)
Minneapolis, Minnesota (pop 375,635)
Honolulu, Hawaii (pop 378,155)
Colorado Springs, Colorado (pop 371,182)
St. Louis, Missouri (pop 338,353)
Wichita, Kansas (pop 355,126)
Santa Ana, California (pop 343,413)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (pop 327,898)
Arlington, Texas (pop 349,944)
Cincinnati, Ohio (pop 323,885)
Anaheim, California (pop 332,642)
Toledo, Ohio (pop 309,106)
Buffalo, New York (pop 287,698)
St. Paul, Minnesota (pop 284,037)
Corpus Christi, Texas (pop 278,520)
Aurora, Colorado (pop 286,028)
Raleigh, North Carolina (pop 306,944)
Newark, New Jersey (pop 277,000)
Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky (pop 263,618)
Anchorage, Alaska (pop 268,983)
Louisville, Kentucky (pop 251,399)
Riverside, California (pop 274,226)
Bakersfield, California (pop 260,969)
Stockton, California (pop 262,835)
Birmingham, Alabama (pop 239,416)
Jersey City, New Jersey (pop 240,100)
Norfolk, Virginia (pop 239,036)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana (pop 225,702)
Hialeah, Florida (pop 228,149)
Lincoln, Nebraska (pop 232,362)
Greensboro, North Carolina (pop 228,217)
Plano, Texas (pop 238,091)
Rochester, New York (pop 217,158)
Glendale, Arizona (pop 230,564)
Akron, Ohio (pop 214,349)
Garland, Texas (pop 219,646)
Madison, Wisconsin (pop 215,211)
Fort Wayne, Indiana (pop 210,070)
Fremont, California (pop 206,856)
Scottsdale, Arizona (pop 215,779)
Montgomery, Alabama (pop 201,425)
Shreveport, Louisiana (pop 199,033)
Lubbock, Texas (pop 203,715)
Chesapeake, Virginia (pop 206,665)
Mobile, Alabama (pop 194,862)
Des Moines, Iowa (pop 198,076)
Grand Rapids, Michigan (pop 196,595)
Richmond, Virginia (pop 197,456)
Yonkers, New York (pop 197,234)
Spokane, Washington (pop 196,305)
Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia (pop 193,101)
Glendale, California (pop 199,430)
Tacoma, Washington (pop 197,553)
Irving, Texas (pop 196,119)
Huntington Beach, California (pop 193,799)
Arlington, Virginia (pop 189,927)
Modesto, California (pop 203,555)
Durham, North Carolina (pop 195,914)
Boise, Idaho (pop 189,847)
Winston-Salem, North Carolina (pop 188,934).